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Android Pie is now too close for OnePlus 3/3T

OnePlus community member “David Y” projected a photo of OnePlus 3 running on Android Pie.

Though it was seen that the build running on OnePlus 3 was infact the very old edition which was marked as Oxygen OS 9.0.

This all conversation started when an user stated there hasn’t been any concrete proof of OnePlus working on Android Pie for their legacy models 3/3T as OnePlus was teasing Android Pie updates for past months.

David Y – Community Manager of OnePlus posted the below screenshot and quoted – “This build isn’t the latest one, I just flashed it on March 8”.

After this we now have some serious evidence that Android Pie is coming to the 2 year not so old devices OnePlus 3/3T.

For now there isn’t any date mentioned by Oneplus when this build is going for public release or will stack up as an open beta. OnePlus 3/3T users hang on really tight as Android Pie sweetness is very near for you.

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