Don’t know ML ?? No Problem “Mate Labs” is here to help

Artificial intelligence and Machine learning has become hot learning trend in the field of computer science now .

While the adoption of artificial intelligence and machine learning is accelerating among industries such as retail, consumer goods, financial services and more, most companies are building solutions that can be used by experienced developers and coders. But there are very few ML-enabled platforms that can suit the needs of non-developers.

Though, there are lot of learning articles and videos available in all learning platforms but it’s really hard to spend in this busy world but not to worry as Bengaluru-based Mate Labs, a horizontal startup, is enabling just that while working towards their vision of bringing machine learning to the masses.

Mateverse, their Machine Learning platform can be used by tech-enthusiasts to build and train ML models without writing a single line of code while saving a significant amount of time.

Its versatility lies in the fact that Mateverse can be used both beginners and evolved users. For data analysts and scientists who spend several weeks re-processing data, it serves as a one-stop-solution to many of their problems.

Some of the capabilities that Mateverse offers are:

  • Automated Missing Value Imputation
  • Automated Outlier Detection
  • Automated Feature Selection
  • Automated Machine Learning, which includes Classification, Regression, and Time-series Forecasting
  • Real-time Dashboard
  • Over 70 Visualisations
  • Programmatic Analytics
  • Support for Private and On-Premise Deployment

For now , Mateverse provides the following functionality and it will keep improving in the coming days.

What do you feel about this new tool “Mateverse” . Do let us know in comments below .


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