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Energizer : A new Phone with 18,000mAh battery

In a world of wireless charging, 5G and Penta lenses, we have a company named Energizer who has dropped a bomb with their new smartphone Power Max P18K Pop.

This is how it looks. Can you just see the thickness of the phone and how it looks . Just think about the design and build of this fatty fat smartphone.

Power Max P18K Pop handset features a massive 18,000mAh battery, which the company says makes it the phone “with the most powerful battery on the market.”

At 18mm thick, it’s almost three times thicker than an iPhone—you’ll certainly feel this bulging in your pocket.

This is how it looks when compared against an LG smartphone.

Energizer says the P18K Pop’s battery, which is around five times bigger than those found in most modern smartphones, allows users to continuously watch videos for two days, listen to 100 hours of music, or talk for 90 hours. It also provides 50 days of standby time.

The Energizer Power Max P18K Pop launches this smartphone in the month of June at a price tag 600 Euros, which is around $682.


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