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GMail Goes Dark + gets a new iPhone feature for Android

Google has recently been rolling out a new feature that is making users with multiple Google accounts very happy. Earlier this week, a Google Drive update added a gesture for quickly switching between accounts. The same gesture was previously rolled out to Google Maps, and now we’re seeing it in Gmail.

The gesture makes switching between Gmail accounts much smoother and easier. Instead of opening the menu and selecting another account, you can simply slide up or down on the account profile icon in the top corner. Unlike Drive, however, Gmail doesn’t have the same sliding cards animation.

Besides the account switching gesture, version 2019.08.18 of Gmail also includes some signs of an upcoming dark theme. Google has been adding dark themes to many apps, but Gmail still doesn’t have it. The widget and splash screen now match system dark mode, but the main interface remains white.

The update is currently slowly rolling out, but if you’re not the patient type you can download the APK here.

Source : AndroidPolice

Update log : “Swipe down to switch accounts

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