Google Discover gets a fresh new look !!!

Google has started rolling out new UI for Discover feed in the google app.

The new UI looks more intuitive and fresher compared to the older one. Though, the following update is more noticeable. The following update might hint on how the UI will change in Android Q.

A new fresh interesting look to Google Discover

As we already saw the dark mode effect on the Google Feed on the Pixel devices recently. The UI design for this “Google Discover” looks the same just like the Google Feed. and it may happen, Google might roll-out dark mode for Google Discover too.

However, we have an image from Pixel device showcasing the dark mode for Google Feed. Hopefully, if a dark mode rolls out for Google Discover, it might look like below.

How do you feel about the new update ?? DO LET US KNOW IN THE COMMENTS.

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