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Google Duo Is Live for Web!!! Have you tried it ???

Google Duo (The Video Calling App from Google) has gone live for the web. You can now make video calls straight from your PC/ Laptop to your near dear friends and family.

How to use this web edition?

Step1: > You can use the following link to access Google Duo
Step2: > Sign in to Google Account
Step3: > Once signed in, Google Duo starts syncing your Google Contacts
Step4: > You can then tap on any one of your contacts and start having video call straight away.

Most exciting part is if you are signed with your Google account in the browser , if you receive a call , you will get notified about the call in all of your synced devices as well as in the browser . Then after it’s your choice to take the call from any device.

Hope this post helps you out in the setup process.

Note: Make sure you provide proper camera and microphone permissions before opting for any call.


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