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Hang On Tight !!! Android Q Incoming !!!

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 The bug tracker for the Android Q Beta has just been opened up by Google, and according to the date filter, the beta is going to launch later today, March 11th.

As spotted by XDA-Developers’ Mishaal Rahman, the bug tracker for the Android Q Beta has just been unveiled to the public. If you navigate to the link in the description for bugs that have already been reported, you’ll be taken to an Issue Tracker search with a date filter for March 11th filled in. What this means is that only reports made after today, March 11th, can be seen, so that only reports from the general public are shown. This is essentially confirmation that the Q Beta will be released later today.

The wait appears to be finally over, and with more phones expected to get early beta updates this time around, hopefully, more people will get the taste of Android Q


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