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OnePlus 7 : Not to feature wireless charging

OnePlus has always been known for this “Dash Charging” technology which recently got re-named to “Fast Charging”.

Though it’s charging technology totally revamped the way we charge our phones nowadays, One plus is still skeptical in implementing “Wireless Charging” to their new phones.

CEO Pete Lau still doesn’t think adding wireless charging to their products is worth it.”OnePlus charging is one of the best,” Lau said through an interpreter in an interview on Monday at MWC 2019: -“Wireless charging is far inferior.”

Lau has also expressed his skepticism about wireless charging as a consumer benefit, noting that it takes a long time to charge a device with a wireless pad.

With the physical quick charge plug, OnePlus says, you can get your battery 50 percent charged in 20 minutes and fully charged in less than an hour.

OnePlus is working on accelerating the delivery of wireless power but still hasn’t figured out how to do it without too much heat. Lau said he doesn’t have a date for when that may show up in his company’s devices.

Following was discussed in MWC with a CNET reporter. Do let us know your thoughts: What will be your reaction if Oneplus 7 miss out on the Wireless Charging Feature ??


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