OnePlus CEO teases OnePlus 7 || Focuses more on Smoothness ||

OnePlus is known for its unique market strategy and the hype it creates before they release the next big thing in this competitive smartphone era. They are commencing with the same strategy for OnePlus. 7 .
After teasing for their product release on Wednesday via below tweet.

OnePlus CEO “Pete Lau” took the news to the whole by tweeting via his official account about their next product aka OnePlus 7.

Here’s the tweet details:

As quoted by Pete , we should see the Oxygen OS ‘s dedicated FSE Team has worked very hard in improving this custom OS.

Excited to share the next product from OnePlus will unleash a new era of Fast and Smooth. Especially Smooth! Smooth is more challenging than Fast – a true test of hardware and software. The new product is just beautiful – I can’t wait for you to see it!

~~Pete Lau ||Founder|| OnePlus

This new update will feature most on the smoothness rather than fast performance. You cannot deny that OnePlus is a complete beast in the performance criteria .

As now there are focussing on the smoothness, we believe OnePlus will introduce certain new smooth animations and more. Anyways, we are finger crossed🤞🏻🤞🏻 and waiting for their next product release.

Are you interested in OnePlus, YES -> Let us know in comments down below what do you expect from OnePlus 7. How do you feel about this new comment from OnePlus founder.

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