PiP now available for WhatsApp Web!!

WhatsApp has recently rolled out a new update for WhatsApp Web, bringing the version up to 0.3.2041.
The update brings new improvements and security fixes, but WhatsApp has also enabled a new feature that was under development for a few months: let’s discuss the news now!

Change Logs:
The Picture in Picture feature is currently available for videos hosted on multiple services.You need to have the 0.3.2041 update installed.
You can test the Streamable PiP feature using this link.

How to use?
You need to send/receive a message that contains a link of a video hosted on one of those services above mentioned: WhatsApp will show a preview of the video in the bubble and if you press it, WhatsApp presents the video in Picture in Picture mode.
WhatsApp also gives the possibility to switch the chat without closing the PiP:

The feature has been rolled out for the 0.3.2041 update, so if the feature doesn’t work for you, it means you are using an old WhatsApp Web version.
To force the update, you must clear the cache of your browser (you can try to use the CTRL + F5 shortcut): restart the browser and now you should be able to use the latest WhatsApp Web update with the Picture in Picture feature enabled!
Note: be sure to wait a few seconds before sending the link of the video, in order to allow WhatsApp to load the preview, otherwise the PiP won’t be presented.


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