PUBG MOBILE has started testing health reminders and 6-hour daily limit in India

In the latest development in the PUBG Mobile ban saga, Tencent is testing out nag screens with health reminders if players play the game for more than 2 hours, and then again at 4 hours. If you keep playing for 6 hours in a stretch, the game kicks you out and locks gameplay till the next day (i.e. at 00:00 UTC; IST is +0530, so this translates into 5.30 am the next day).

People are getting 6 hour reminders and they are not allowed to play the game. This seems to be a constructive approach by Tencent Games towards the recent game ban in Gujarat where children were getting arrested for playing this addictive game.


Arresting students over a game is an overreaction in my personal opinion, as it will then further make it difficult for these students to get good jobs (as they now have been booked for an offense, which will pop up in background searches by any prospective employer). Constructive discussions with the playerbase, developer, and other stakeholders should have been the first step in the whole process. It remains to be seen if imposing a time limit would be enough to overturn the ban.

For now there is no specific information as to whom this update is targeted. Is it for all Indian gamers or addressing gamers specific below age 18.

What do you feel about this health reminder implementation by PUBG MOBILE . Feel free to let us know in comments and share this with all your friends and family.

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