PUBG Mobile Update v0.12.0 | Update to start next week |

PUBG Mobile 0.12.0 Beta update introduced new weapons and a new zombie mode along with friendly spectate and other features. PUBG Corp has now released official patch notes giving details about the new features in the update. The new PUBG Mobile 0.12.0 beta update beings in a number of new features to the game in order to improve gameplay. The update has a download size of 1.8GB on Android and is expected to soon be made available to everyone as a stable update. Here are the patch notes in full.

Companions (eagles):
Your companion can earn XP trough some way.
XP can also be bought in the shape of food. One piece of food gives 100 XP.
Each level-up needs 10000 XP. The max level is 5
Every level unlocks more animations.
You companion is only visible to you and your teammates.
When swimming/proning your companion will fly away, and will return when you stop swimming/proning.

Reticle customization:
Red dot has multiple different shapes, and can be changed to green.
Holo sight/2x/3x reticle colour can be changed to green.
The hip-fire crosshair now has more colours to choose from.
You can now showcase your UAZ skin in the lobby.
You can now spectate friends from your lobby.
When spectating enemies you can send them a friend requests.

Survive till dawn has been updated:
New RPG 7. This rocker launcher is a world spawn and will spawn with a total of 6 rockets, it also has iron sights.
New explosive crossbow. Arrows will explode on impact.
At night you can’t go outside because of the toxic gas.
New grenade: liquid nitrogen mine: this grenade will slow down everybody in the range of the mine.
New attachment: jungle mag (double AR extended mag). It gives you 60 bullets instead if 30/40. The mag can only be attached to ARs, not to DMRs or the S12k. It can only be found in elite zombie drops.

New event mode:
Description: Survive Until the Rescue arrives.
The mode spawns you on a random place on the map (Erangel), where you have to survive till extraction.
New achievements (some for the new mode)
Lobbies are now in your inventory, so you will likely be able to buy lobbies.
If you empty your mag your character will drop the mag to the floor.
If you open a door your character will push it open with his arm.
Reworked portable closet.
Reworked quick chat.
Certain items now light up when important.

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