PUBG MOBILE V0.12.0 || Detailed Analysis||(Screenshots Attached)

Battle Royale Games are getting huge competition nowadays. If its gonna be the PUBG MOBILE or Apex Legends or Fortinite Battle or Garena : Free Fire or Call of Duty: Mobile. These developers have to be more competetive and interactive with their fans by not only providing in-game purchases but also updating their games with new features.

Talking about me, I being more leaned towards PUBG can really say PUBG Mobile has been working very hard in case of providing continuous fresh updates.

Talking about updates, today PUBG Mobile has released one more update which brings a lot of awaiting features to the game. Here’s all of them discussed below.

“Spring Theme Interface :

A Fresh New Spring Theme

An improved Zombie Mode with zombies running very swiftly , tracking player movements and ambushing as much they can ,intelligent mode.

Different Zombie Modes

“All new dark zombie mode , i.e “DARKEST NIGHT” where you and all your friends should be prepared to ambush and destroy hell lot of zombies.

Note: Make sure you are inside a house when night arrives else your health will start deteriorating.


Beware of the🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️


Portable Closet:
PUBG Mobile has introduced a portable closet where you can find more detailed information on the attires your character wear and you can easily switch between those.

Detailed Closet Information

New UI for Voice Over Commentary:
Chat option and the new voice-over commentary is now available in the inventory section. You can access this settings directly from the homescreen rather than digging deep into settings.

New Voice Over

Certainly, the update is not limited to these features, there are more small changes which you are going to witness while playing the game (Having an active companion on your side either it be on the lobby or during the match)

We are not going to spoil you more with the updates, we insist you on installing this update and giving it a try.

We have attached a gallery containing all the screenshots of the new update. Hope you would like it.

Feel free to comment us below about the update and don’t hesitate to share it with all your closed ones.


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