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Spotify – Now in India

After long await , the tech giant for media streaming services is finally available in India.

(Spotify Premium starts at Rs. 119 per month, if you’re interested.)

The app is free to download, of course, be it Android, iPhone, or Windows 10.

Spotify is also giving Indian users an extended taste of its offering, as many of the international restrictions on the free tier — limited song skips and no individual song selection — don’t appear to apply in India for now, although that could change.

There is one major difference between the Spotify app on Android and iOS right now. You can’t sign up for the subscription-based offering Spotify Premium on Apple or Windows devices, but you’re still free to play whatever music you please. (Spotify, just like Netflix, doesn’t offer premium subscriptions via the App Store to avoid paying Apple a cut of the fee.) New sign-ups and logins are working on all platforms in India. Once you login, Spotify will ask you to choose music you like, in order to better recommend other stuff based on its algorithms.

At this point , there seems to be some issue with the Premium edition. Do let us know , if there’s some error for you while upgrading to Premium one.

Android : Link

iOS : Link

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