Story of a Beautiful Girl

A few years ago there was a girl born in a village. This news disheartened the family members and the father of the baby girl as well. Some how they managed to accept the baby girl but the baby girl was so ugly and black in complexion that they were totally unhappy with that baby. All the family members hates her so much due to her looks. One day her father  tried to throw her also. After seeing such type hatred from everyone for the girl, the father wished whether the girl could die.

But happiness comes after the sorrow. Everyone in this world gets the chance. The girl, who was ugly and black , gradually became beautiful and well toned after some years. She was so talented that she always topped in her career. Those ,who were disliked her, had shut their mouth. The father who wanted her to die, now feels so proud having such a daughter like her. After completing her study, the girl got a high profile job and helped her father financially as her father was not financially sound. When the girl attained the age of marriage, a renowned family of Chennai wanted their son to marry the girl. The family of the girl could not meet the expenses. So, all the expenses were carried out by the groom’s family. They only wanted her daughter ,not anything else. Now she lives happily a luxurious life in Chennai with her family .

Girls are the spitting image of the goddess Laxmi. So, never hate them as they are girls and never judge them by their looks. No beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart. Try to see the beauty in one’s soul, not in one’s look.

Asharani Samantaray
She is very interested in reading books , novels . She has very extensive and profound knowledge in capturing current affairs ,news & also keen in covering articles about nature & domestic world.
She is a Bachelor of Science Candidate having her expertise in Chemistry

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