Betul:  A man in Madhya Pradesh married two women at the same time in the same mandap in presence of family members and villagers with all rituals and formalities.

Sandeep Uike, a resident of Madhya Pradesh’s Betul solemnised the marriage with two women at a ceremony in keria village under Ghodadongri block about 40km from Betul district headquarters.

After the investigation made by the district administration,It is found that Uike, a tribal youth of Keria village is married with two women one from Hoshangabad district and another from Koyalari village of Ghodadongri block.Uike came in contact with the women from Hoshangabad when he was studying in Bhopal.As the courtship is going on,his family decided to marry him to a girl of their choice.This led to a dispute and to resolve this a meeting of Panchayat was convened by the three families.

It was decided that if both the women are ready to live together with Uike,then both of them should marry him.The girls agreed to this.

This was the first time that a bridegroom took vows to spend his life with two wives.All the formalities of the marriage along with rituals were performed.

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