Why Flutter is next big thing

We all know that there are more developers for Android than for iOS, let me tell you the reason behind it.

To develop a native android app we need Android studio, which can run in any PC which costs around 40k. However, if a developer wants to develop iOS native apps, the developer must have a MacBook worth more than 2 lakhs.

Now, this is where Flutter comes into the picture. With Flutter, you can develop an app that can run in both Android and iPhone on the same PC you used to develop Android apps. Yes! you heard it right, it is a framework to develop both Android and iOS apps. Google is looking to launch all its default apps using Flutter. The best thing about Flutter is you don’t need to build the whole project again in order to run the app. Flutter comes with a feature known as Hot Reload in which a single clickreflects all the changes on your emulator/devices.

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Flutter uses Dart programming language, an Object-oriented language. If you have experience in Java and Javascript then in no time you will learn Dart.

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The way Google promotes Flutter shows that the day is not far when Google will completely replace Android SDK with Flutter SDK.

Happy Coding 😉

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