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Today we will be talking a bit about WWE 2K19 game which is available for consoles. I know, WWE has millions and millions of fans and every fan has a dream to either create their own creative story or play as their favorite character in the game.
However, if we see the gameplay of WWE games in the past, it wasn’t as good as compared to 4-5 years down the line. After WWE handing the gaming responsibility to 2K’s hand, they have been doing some fantastic with the WWE section either with the introduction of custom career mode or bringing back the attitude era and more.

After getting some much hype for the custom career mode in 2K19. As a wrestling fan, I was very much excited to try out the new improved career mode.

Guess what !! I started playing and for my surprise, 2K has done an awesome job in improving and creating the new career mode. It’s more fun as your character indulges with the authentic WWE characters and interesting story modes. Here ‘s a Video Link for a quick check

Here’s a link to the whole playlist, if you would like to give it a try. For now, I have just started the game and I’m liking it very much. As a wrestling fan, I don’t think you would like to miss the fun, so don’t wait and go ahead with the WWE 2K19.

So this blog post wraps up the review for first impressions on the career mode available in WWE 2K19, I’ll be coming up with more reviews of WWE. I hope you liked the review and I would really appreciate if you support me, by subscribing to our youtube channel and following the 3 rule of thumb: Like, Share and Commenting on our videos.

Thank You so much for baring with me for such long blog post. I’m signing off now but I’ll see you soon.

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